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Here at Clinica Orthodontia, you are not just an employee. You are treated as an asset and as a partner in the business. We value authentic service more than anything. Your stay here with us is sure to be fruitful and productive.

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More than prevention, enhancement, a great smile and sanitation, Clinica Orthodontia provides its clients with proper solutions, comfort, confidence, protection, and more importantly, a healthy headstart! 

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Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists should be skilled healthcare workers who must be trained in techniques, skills and concepts of dental care. To perform basic dental care tasks, mostly focused on keeping patients’ teeth and gums clean. Their job duties center around cleaning patients’ teeth and giving instruction in proper dental hygiene.
The hygienists will work in close physical proximity to their patients and spend a lot of work time around other people, including patients and other office staff.

Dental Secretary

Dental secretaries handle clerical and administrative tasks in a dental office, such as taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, collecting patient data, answering to their inquiries, and preparing invoices.

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