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Oral prophylaxis

teeth cleaning

One of the most common preventative dental procedures, teeth cleaning is essential in preventing damages to your teeth and gums. Our teeth cleaning procedure includes plaque and tartar removal, stain removal, fluoride application, teeth polishing, and cleaning & adjustment of dentures. Whether you want your tartar and teeth stain removed or simply don’t want to risk damaging your precious smile, our skilled doctors will take care of you. 


commonly for children

dental sealants

Dental sealants help prevent damages in your teeth by filling crevices and grooves of a tooth with a protective shield so bacterial growth will be hindered. Dental sealants, commonly interused with Dental Pasta, is commonly done in children while the latter is done commonly in adults where decay has already formed.

prevent cavities today

pediatric dentistry

Clinica Orthodontia is dedicated in treating symptoms of bad oral health of children. Infant oral health exams, Preventive dental care, Habit Counseling, Early assessment, care for dental injuries, and early diagnosis of oral conditions.



align your teeth


Among Clinica Orthodontia’s specializations is orthodontics. Using cutting-edge technology together with reliable international brands, we give you a world-class experience. Partnered with Invisalign®, Clinica Orthodontia is only among the fewest to offer invisible braces. Setting us apart is our set of in-house 3D and digital equipment, meaning better service at a more affordable cost. 


road to a better smile

Teeth whitening

Using top-of-the-line teeth whiteners, Clinica Orthodontia is well-known for bringing you the “camera-ready” smile everyone approves of. Often undervalued by many, teeth whitening plays a big role in your everyday life. From getting the loveliest first impressions, to impressing your long-time companions, a set of great looking teeth is sure to improve your lifestyle.

get the winning smile

Veneers and crowns

Get the “Hollywood” type of makeover for your teeth  by getting veneers, also known as laminates. A restorative material placed over a tooth surface, veneers improve your teeth’s aesthetics while protecting them at a certain degree. Usually applied at the late stages of cosmetic dentistry, veneers or laminates are considered as the “icing on your cake.”


crowns and dentures

Dental implants

Another of Clinica Orthodontia’s specialization is the Dental Implant procedure. Our unique and innovative approach to replace your missing tooth includes 3D CBCT X-ray and creating a custom digital dental profile to guarantee accuracy and precision. Combined with expertise in the field, our doctors will give you back the smile you always loved!



dental pasta

dental fillings

Also known as Dental Pasta or Dental Sealants, Dental Fillings help protect your teeth from decay. Placing fillings in grooves or fissures of your teeth makes this procedure a must as a dental preventative measure. Using premium fillings together with cutting-edge UV light technology to harden your fillings, you can wear your new smile for years!

painless and fast

Extraction and surgery

Never again worry of staying long at the dental chair just to remove your wisdom teeth! Using 3D CBCT X-ray, digital dentistry, and surgical experience, Clinica Orthodontia is sure to make your extraction and surgical procedure painless and fast. Nothing can compare to our futuristic and world-class services. Remove your tooth pain today!


pulp therapy

root canal

Relieve your pain and save your teeth by undergoing the root canal treatment. Handled by our specialists at a frequent basis, your procedure will be virtually painless! Using only premium fillings plus our doctors’ expertise, you’d be surprised how convenient it is to use your teeth normally again after the procedure. 

tmj treatment

Temporomandibular Joint disorders

Can’t find the cause of pain and discomfort in your face, jaw joint area, neck and shoulders, around the ear when you speak, chew or talk? You may be experiencing TMJ. Solve it using MINIMAL INVASIVE approach together with T-Scan Bite Analysis. Schedule an appointment with us today and let our skilled specialists take a look and give you an accurate diagnosis!



laser-assisted periodontal treatment

Gum disease when not treated immediately results to tooth loss and in some cases, infections that can cause further complications. Whether it be non-surgical or surgical, our team of experts are ready to handle it and prevent tooth loss due to gum decay.

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