Do not settle for Pustisos when you can replace your lost teeth with permanent ones virtually the same as your old one! Our modern approach includes 3D CBCT X-ray, Modern Predictive Softwares, and Advanced Implant Positioning

minimal invasive procedure

what you'll get

eating without pain

Eat any food you want, pain-free! Our dental implants guarantee to make your teeth feel new and fresh as if you’ve grown a new set instantly.

permanent replacement

Virtually permanent, you can treat your implants just as how you treat all your other teeth. 

beautiful smile

The best smile is a complete smile! With our advanced and modern techniques in dental implants, we’ll make sure you get back your old smile. Or even a better one!

peace of mind

Heard of horror stories regarding misaligned implants? We make sure you never experience that. With our up-to-date dentistry softwares, we boast an error-free implant procedure!

exclusive services

complete modern toolset

Our brands include Sirona 3D™ CBCT X-ray, TekScan™ Bite Analysis, iTero® (Intraoral Scanner), and Invisalign®, and more! We also update our skillset every now and then to give you the most seamless service!

error-free positioning

Don't settle for implant procedure you can not see! We let you see the procedure live so you are assured of your own safety!

fast service

We maximize skill, technique, and usage of digital dentistry to achieve optimum results! Our unbeatable experience in implants plays a big role in making your experience seamless and pain-free.

digital dentistry

Clinica Orthodontia is the country's leading clinic into digital dentistry. Whether it be restorative or diagnostic, our digital tools combined with mastery of advanced equipment, a perfect smile is just an appointment away.


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