pain-free wisdom tooth extraction

fast & pain-free

Clinica Orthodontia provides the most accurate, reliable, and painless wisdom tooth extraction in the Philippines. Located at Don Antonio, and Katipunan, Quezon City, Clinica Orthodontia leads the innovation department in the local Clinical Practice.


what you can expect

up to 80% faster extraction

Using only branded and trusted equipment combined with talented and skilled doctors, your wisdom tooth is removed fast and seamless!

painless experience

Using 3D scanning and digital softwares, our dental experts will know how to operate seamlessly before starting.

accurate extraction

With Clinica Orthodontia’s skilled practitioners, your wisdom tooth extraction has never been this convenient!

skilled doctors

Our doctors have decades worth of dental experience. Both local and abroad, Clinica Orthodontia is recognized as an innovative dental service provider.

exclusive services

modern pre-op procedure

Our modern pre-operation procedure involves 3D scanning and digital prediction analysis. In Clinica Orthodontia, your Wisdom Tooth Removal experience is painless and fast!

minimal invasive approach

Using modern and innovative dental cameras, you can plan the procedure before operation. Clinica Orthodontia invests in equipent ensuring your safety and convenience.

advanced nerve detection

Using Sirona 3D CBCT X-ray, our doctors gain a three-dimensional insight of where important nerves are resulting in faster and painless operation.


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