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covid-19 clinic measures

In response to COVID-19, Clinica Orthodontia has taken the initiative to implement extensive safety measures to secure both its staff and patients. With these measures, the clinic is now available to cater to every dental need.

These measures include:

  • Use of PPEs – For doctors, staff, and patients alike.
  • Pre-Evaluation Form – To monitor travel history and risk exposure of patients before setting an appointment.
  • Eighteeth VacStation – Innovative suction machine that kills more than 99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • High Volume Evacuator – Advanced oral suction machine that reduces 90% to 98% of aerosols.
  • Fogging Machine – Disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces such as insides of machines and chairs.
  • 360° Germicidal Ultraviolet Light – Disinfects remaining microorganisms after fogging.
  • Air Purifier – Maintains safe and breathable air using HEPA filter.
  • Negative Pressured Isolation Room to prevent airborne illnesses such as COVID-19.
  • In-house Autoclave machine for medical tools. All tool are heated before every procedure to kill off unwanted organisms.


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Orthodontics and braces

Crooked and irregular teeth? Let's solve that with our latest dental technology!

dental implant

Replace your missing tooth seamlessly with our high precision dental implant procedure.

Wisdom tooth removal

Have your wisdom tooth removed so painlessly, fast!

cleaning and whitening

Get an aesthetic upgrade using our premium line of teeth whiteners.

bridges and implants

Missing a tooth? Replace it with a new set that will last a lifetime.

crowns and caps

Improve your smile while protecting its integrity. Restore your teeth's strength with our crowns.

advanced Technology

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BRINGING the best of the world to you

digital dentistry

Clinica Orthodontia is the country's leading clinic into digital dentistry. Whether it be restorative or diagnostic, our digital tools combined with mastery of advanced equipment, a perfect smile is just an appointment away.

top of the line equipment

Using only the top brands of equipment, Clinica Orthodontia brings the world's finest into your smile. Our brands include Sirona 3D™ CBCT X-ray, TekScan™ Bite Analysis, iTero® (Intraoral Scanner), and Invisalign®, and more! Set an appointment online now!

painless and seamless

Having a painless, fast, yet affordable dental experience is a must for every individual. At Clinica Orthodontia, we are committed to giving you just that. Using 3D intraoral scanning, 3D CBCT X-ray and surgical expertise, our doctors are guaranteed to set your dental standards up high!

personal touch

The doctor you go to will be the same doctor you come back to. Receive the most professional yet personalized treatment at our clinic. With our commitment to give you the best experience, we make sure that you have the best smile inside and outside the clinic.

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